Aqua Care Kit

Calculate the amount of water your pool contains

Please complete the below fields in order to calculate the estimated amount water your pool contains. This will be used to establish how much and how frequently you would require the Aqua Care Kit in order to maintain your pool.

“The Aqua Care Kit will make the management of your swimming pool hassle free. The Kit contains the chemicals you require to maintain your swimming pool on a monthly basis. The quantity and selection of chemicals have been formulated to provide the optimal maintenance for your swimming pool water.”
Please be aware that should your swimming pool not be well maintained and the relevant balancing parameters not kept in check, you may require additional chemicals to balance your water.


The following characteristics must be taken into consideration when maintaining a swimming pool:

  • Filtration
  • Pump
  • Chemicals
  • Water Testing

Once your swimming pool water is balanced, all the chemicals contained inside this Kit should be sufficient to maintain your swimming pool water. There are circumstances that may affect the condition of your swimming pool water which may result in the need for additional chemicals. Should you require additional chemicals, please bring a sample of your water into your closest The Pool Team Store to have the water analysed by one of our expert staff, free of charge.

Test Strips:

The test strips must be stored in the foil packaging and bottle supplied at all times. Keep the cap on tight between uses. These are “dip & read” strips that will display particular colours that indicate levels of pH, alkalinity and chlorine in the pool. It is recommended that the test strip should be dipped roughly 40cm into the swimming pool.

  • Dip the strip into swimming pool water, hold the strip for 15 seconds.
  • Take strip reading immediately.
  • Compare Free Chlorine, pH and Total Alkalinity pads to the Colour chart on the label.
  • Your pool is being maintained in a good condition if the results are:
    o Free Chlorine – 1-3ppm
    o pH – 7.2-7.6 ppm
    o Total Alkalinity 80-120ppm for Marbelite swimming pools 120-150ppm for Fiberglass swimming pools
  • Should your pool water not be within these parameters, additional chemicals may need to be added. Please bring a sample of your swimming pool water into your nearest The Pool Team store in order for our expert staff to analyse.


Ensure that the pH of your swimming pool is between 7.2 – 7.6 for optimal chemical results:

  • Pour the Aqua Pro Oxidiser into your weir or skimmer basket while the pool pump is on filter in order to allow better product circulation
  • Run the pool pump for the minimum of three/four hours after adding Aqua Pro Oxidiser. For best results, brush the swimming pool surface the following day to remove the dead algae
  • The optimal time to add the Aqua Pro Oxidiser is at sunset
  • Do not swim for 2 hours after adding the Oxidiser to your water
  • Depending on the volume of your swimming pool the following amount of Aqua Pro Oxidiser is recommended:o 1 Packet a month (0-25000lt)
    o 1 Packet every 2 weeks (25000 – 75000lt)
    o 1 Packet a week (75000 – 100000lt)


  • Place one Aqua Pro Gel Cube into the weir or skimmer basket
  • 24 hours after adding an Aqua Pro Gel Cube, remove the weir or skimmer basket, run a backwash, until the sight glass on the filter is clear, then rinse until the sight glass is clear
  • Repeat this process, if necessary
  • It is very important to backwash once a week as more dirt particles will be trapped in the filter
  • Add an Aqua Pro Gel Cube every second week


Ensure pH levels are between 7.2 – 7.6. for optimal chemical results

  • Disconnect the swimming pool cleaner from the weir/skimmer
  • Switch pump system off
  • Turn multiport valve onto bypass or circulate and turn on the pump
  • Pour entire bottle of Aqua Pro Algaecide into the weir or skimmer basket
  • Let the pool pump run for one to two hours. Turn multiport valve back to filter and insert the pool cleaner
    o Do not swim for 2 hours after adding the Aqua Pro Algaecide
    o Use a complete bottle once a month for an algae free pool, under normal conditions
    o If the swimming pool is completely green, filter for 12hours then backwash as normal


  • Backwash and rinse until the sight glass is clear
  • Regularly
  • Empty the weir or skimmer basket
  • Empty the pump basket
  • Brush the surface of the swimming pool

Pool pump running times:
o Summer: 8-12 hours daily
o Winter: 4-6 hours daily