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Aqua Pro 5 in 1 Floater

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The Aqua Pro Buoy 5-in-1 Floater is a slow-releasing stabilised chlorine dispenser that helps keep algae growth under control and maintains the quality of your pool water. This monthly automatic floating chlorine dispenser can easily be adjusted by holding the base of the buoy and rotating it to the desired number of exposed holes.

• Small pools: 30 000 – 40 000 litres = 1 hole open
• Medium pools: 40 000 – 50 000 litres = 2 holes open
• Large pools: 50 000 litres and larger = 3 holes open

The Aqua Pro Buoy 5-in-1 Floater will last up to one month in swimming pools of up to 50 000 litres.

Why use a floating chlorine dispenser?

Floating Chlorine dispensers such as the Aqua Pro 5-in-1 Floater are a convenient way to maintain your pool’s chlorine levels. Leaving a floating chlorine dispenser in your pool allows the chlorine to slowly dissolve over time, acting as a buffer to the granular chlorine that is manually added to the pool.

The Pool Team advises alternating between stabilised and non-stabilised chlorine to maintain your pool’s stabiliser level. Read this article to learn about the difference between stabilised and non-stabilised chlorine.

Shop here for Chlorine floaters and dispensers.

The Aqua Pro Professional Range is The Pool Team’s own, trusted brand, formulated by South African experts, to match your pool’s requirements..
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Dimension Height cm28.000
Dimension Length cm14.000
Dimension Width cm14.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Chemical TypesSanitisers, Balancers, Enhancers
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