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Best swimsuit for your body

You’ll look fabulous on the beach no matter what your shape – just follow this simple guide…


Aim to have the detail, colour and design focusing on the chest and away from the hips. Choose something that will draw your eye upwards. Lighter, printed tops work well when contrasted with a dark coloured bottom. A plunging neckline will also draw attention to your top half.


Detail on the bust will focus attention away from your tummy, while an empire line will enhance the narrowest part of your waist. Vertical details lengthen the body and provide a slimming effect. Look for a supportive design, fabric and colour that draws the waist in. Show off your legs by opting for a high cut bottom.


Be bold and flaunt those curves! With an hourglass figure, you can get away with a number of different cuts and an empire line will further enhance your natural shape. Vintage styles are also perfect for showing off your curves.


Frills, embellishments and gathering can help create the illusion of curves. Triangle tops are also perfect for breaking up straight lines and adding a slightly curvy look. Accent your toned figure with attention-grabbing graphics and sporty cuts and wear brights to highlight your most shapely assets.

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