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Collins Sight Glass & O-Ring

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A Collins Sight Glass & O-Ring is a type of equipment used to provide a visual inspection of the water flow inside a pool filter. The sight glass is a transparent or translucent window that is mounted on the filter, allowing the operator to see the flow of water inside the filter while backwashing and rinsing. The O-ring is a circular ring made of rubber or another elastomeric material that is used to seal the sight glass in place and prevent leaks.

The Collins sight glass is a specific brand of sight glass, which is known for its high-quality and durability. The O-ring is typically placed between the sight glass and the filter housing, to which it is mounted, creating a tight seal and ensuring that the pressure inside the filter is not lost. The combination of the Collins sight glass and O-ring is commonly used in pool filtration systems, where it is important to have a clear view of the flow of water and to prevent leaks. This allows the pool operator to monitor the performance of the filter, and to identify and address any issues with the filter, such as clogs or other blockages, that can affect the water flow and cause poor water quality or damage to the filter.
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Dimension Height cm5.500
Dimension Length cm3.500
Dimension Width cm3.500
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