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Dolphin Robotic Pool Cleaner S100

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The Dolphin Robotic Cleaner S100 is a lightweight robot pool cleaner, perfect for a small pool of up to 7 meters in length. The top-access ultra-fine filtration system and wall climbing technology ensure that the cleaner covers both the pool floor and walls effectively. A full cycle of a pool takes 2 hours with this pool cleaner and it is equipped with an easy to clean filter basket with two separate filtration options. 

Will the Dolphin Robotic Cleaner get to the hard to reach places in the pool?  
The Dolphin pool cleaning range promises 100% pool coverage, with the self-driven robot working independently from the swimming pools pump and filter. The robot collects debris in a bag or cartridge within the pool cleaner, promising maximum precision and hygiene with minimum intervention. 

Can I leave my Dolphin Cleaner in the pool?
You may leave the Dolphin Cleaner in the pool but we recommend after it has finished the full cycle to remove and store in a sage place. Water chemistry should also be taken into consideration when leaving the cleaner in the pool as a high pH can have a negative effect on the longevity of your cleaner.

The duel level porosity filter, triple-active brushing system and superior suction make sure no dirt is left behind. Dolphins also save power, by operating and filtering inside the pool.
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