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Eartheco LED Blue 160 Retro Fit Light

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Eartheco LED Blue 160 Retro Fit Light
Brighten your pool and transform your evening swimming experience with the LED Blue 160 Retro Fit Light.

LED Blue 160 Retro Fit Light has the following features:

Low Energy – Eco Friendly
Long Life
High Light Output
Swivel & Tilt for optimum lighting effect
Includes 2m marine-grade cable for easy installation

Eartheco recommends a 12 Volt AC isolated transformer that meets relevant local authority standards.
Wattage: 4W @ 12V A.C

2-Year Warranty, all of our care and technical expertise have gone into the manufacturing of this product. It has been fully factory tested and strict quality standards have been applied at every stage of its production. For this reason we offer an extended warranty from the date of purchase which is subject to the product being used under normal operating conditions. This device is warranted for any manufacturing defects / faulty components when it has been used in a normal underwater installation.

Not Included in Warranty
The warranty will be deemed null and void if a voltage higher than 12 volts is applied to this product or is misused or abused in any way. Not included in the warranty: 1. Equipment and labour provided by a third party at the time of the installation of the product. 2. Damage caused by an installation that does not comply with local authority standards. 3. Damage caused by: accident, harsh treatment, negligence, nonauthorised repairs, fire, lighting, frost, armed conflict or any other force of nature.

Ensure that the main power supply is turned off before commencing with pool light installation.
Eartheco pool lights are designed for under water use only.
The light must be water cooled at all times. Do not turn the light on unless it is under water.
It is normal for water to fill the rear portion of the light, including the rear terminal cap, as all electronic components are encapsulated by resin.
How to install
1. Remove the old light from the niche by carefully prying the outer face plate of the light from side to side until it’s free. Take care to protect the pool shell while doing this.
2. Most wet niche pool lights have a coil of cable behind the light to allow for the light to reach out of the pool water to make any electrical connections. Ensure there is enough cable above the water line and cut it to join to the new light cable. Strip back a piece of the supply cable to inspect the copper strands. It is recommended to test for 12Volts AC on the supply cable before proceeding.
3. If the copper strands on the supply cable look corroded, It is possible that water has entered into the cable. This can cause the cable to have high resistance resulting in a voltage drop which will affect the performance of the new light. If necessary replace the cable from light niche to the deck box. Connect the new light’s cable to the old cable draw the new light’s cable through the gland at the light niche in the pool and up into the deck box. Make sure that the gland in the light niche is sealed to the new cable. Remove old cable and make the electrical connections of the new light in the deck box.
4. If the copper strands on the supply cable are in good order:'Join the new light cable to the supply cable with a water proof connection system. We recommend the Eartheco Plus Connection Kit for this. Remember to test the light before sealing or adding resin to the connections.
5. Coil the extra cable and press the light into the niche.
More Information
Dimension Height cm17.000
Dimension Length cm26.500
Dimension Width cm25.500
In Store Collection OnlyNo
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