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Eartheco Screw Diffuser

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A Eartheco screw diffuser is a type of device that is used in a pool or spa filtration system to diffuse and distribute the flow of water. It is typically used in conjunction with a return jet, which is a nozzle that directs water back into the pool or spa. The diffuser is designed to break up the water flow coming out of the return jet, creating a more even and gentle flow of water back into the pool or spa.

Eartheco is a brand that manufactures and provides pool and spa equipment, it may refer to a screw-on diffuser that is placed at the end of the return jet. This diffuser features a screw thread that attaches to the return jet fitting and a plate or grid that breaks up the water flow. The screw diffuser can help create a more pleasant swimming environment by creating a gentle flow of water and preventing excessive splashing.

A screw diffuser can also be used to regulate the water flow and pressure, for adjusting the water movement, and for energy saving. It is a small but important component that can affect the quality of the pool water and the swimming experience.
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Dimension Height cm0.500
Dimension Length cm2.799999952
Dimension Width cm0.500
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