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Filter Lid Screw and Washer

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A filter lid screw and washer is a set of hardware components used to secure the lid of a filter tank. The filter tank is a component of a swimming pool or spa filtration system, which is used to remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from the water. The lid of the filter tank is typically screwed or bolted on to the top of the tank, using a filter lid screw and washer to hold it in place.

The filter lid screw is a long, thin piece of metal that is threaded on one end and is used to secure the lid to the filter tank. The washer is a flat ring-shaped piece of metal or plastic that is placed between the filter lid and the filter tank to create a tight seal. The washer also helps to distribute the pressure evenly when the filter lid screw is tightened.

These components are critical for the proper operation and maintenance of the pool or spa filtration system, as they help to keep the lid securely in place and prevent any leaks or spills. They are also needed to change and clean the filter element. It is important to check periodically that the screws and washers are tight and not corroded.
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Dimension Height cm1.400
Dimension Length cm2.300
Dimension Width cm1.400
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