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HTH 25kg Chlorine

HTH 25kg Chlorine

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HTH Granular Non-Stabilised Chlorine keeps pool water sparkling blue by eliminating bacteria and organic growth. The HTH 25kg chlorine comes in a sealable bucket and is best stored out of the sun rays and away from children and animals. Get the HTH chlorine 25kg price above with details of stores that its avialable at. The HTH 25kg chlorine is granular non-stabilised chlorine. Find out what the difference between stabilised and non-stabilised chlorine and become a pool pro!
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When should I add chlorine to my pool?

The ideal range for chlorine in one's pool should be between 1 - 3 parts per million (ppm). Depending on the size of the pool the frequency of application will vary. Based on a 50 000 litre pool one should add approximately 1 cup per day. Is the HTH 25kg to big for your requirements, dont stress we have other options available, the Aqua Pro 10kg Chlorine is always the best value for money chlorine The Pool Team has to offer!

Can you swim the same day you put chlorine in a pool?

After administering chlorine to a pool, one should wait approximately 2-4hours before swimming. Ideally the water should turnover at least once before swimming, meaning that the full volume of water has been cycled through the filter allowing the chlorine to be evenly distributed in the pool water.

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Looking for HTH 25kg, look no further than The Pool Team online or any of our stores nation wide! HTH chlorine 25kg price is competitively priced as its a bulk pack. Look out for our 25kg HTH specials by subscribing to our newsletter today!

How to safely add chlorine to a pool?

  1. Always backwash and rinse before administering any chemicals
  2. Remove the cleaner hose from the weir
  3. Pour the recommended amount of granular chlorine through the weir while the system is on filter
  4. Reconnect the cleaner hose to the weir
  5. Allow the system to turnover the water volume at least once

Get the HTH 25kg chlorine from The Pool Team now and start treating your pool to create a sanitised enviroment for all to swim in.


  • Kill Algae and Bacteria
  • Now Gentler on skin
More Information
Dimension Height cm47.000
Dimension Length cm35.000
Dimension Width cm35.000
In Store Collection OnlyYes
Solution TypeValue pack
Chemical TypesSanitisers, Enhancers
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