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Kreepy Krauly Dominator & Dominator Pro Tyre With Bump

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The Kreepy Krauly Dominator & Dominator Pro Tyre with bump are sold individually.
The Kreepy Krauly Dominator and Dominator Pro are types of pool cleaners designed for in-ground swimming pools. They are equipped with tires that have a bump on them, which helps the cleaner navigate around the pool and scrub the walls and floor. These cleaners are automatic, meaning they are programmed to move around the pool on their own, using a system of suction and filtration to remove dirt and debris. The Dominator Pro is an upgraded version of the Dominator, with additional features such as a larger cleaning path and a more powerful motor. Both cleaners are designed to be low maintenance and easy to use, making them a popular choice for pool owners.
More Information
Dimension Height cm3.500
Dimension Length cm20.000
Dimension Width cm20.000
Cleaner SparesKK dominator pro
Spare Part TypesWheels & Tyres
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Pool Cleaners TypeAutomatic
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