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Kreepy Krauly Pro Dive Float

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The dive float is a replacement part made by Kreepy Krauly.
It is made from high-grade plastic material.

The float is specifically designed to sit above the drive tubes and needs to be attached with additional clips to the cleaner body housing.
The function of this float is to keep the top end of the cleaner upright to avoid the cleaner to fall on its side.
Which ultimately keeps the cleaner from sucking dirt and debris off the surface of your pool.

When troubleshooting an issue with your Kreepy Krauly suction cleaner - example: cleaner not being able to stand upright, the float is more than likely not set in the correct position needed to keep the cleaner upright or it may have an air leak.
The benefit with the float and what makes it unique design successful, is that it can be re-positioned in order to get the cleaner to its optimum position which is at a 45 degree angel.
This also assists the cleaner’s ability to climb the pool walls, however, if not correctly positioned it will cause the cleaner to climb too far up the wall making the cleaner suck in air.
More Information
Dimension Height cm33.000
Dimension Length cm13.000
Dimension Width cm5.000
Cleaner SparesKK Pro
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Pool Cleaners TypeAutomatic
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