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Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Oscillator

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The Kreepy Krauly Sand Shark Oscillator is a replacement part made by Kreepy Krauly.
The high-quality materials used to manufacture this part are suitable for swimming pool water conditions.

The oscillator is unique to this cleaner as it is the only moving part the cleaner has, making a simple yet dependable propulsion system. As this part moves it creates a mouth-like opening in which all the dirt and debris travels however, the opening can only fit items small enough to make it through this gap. Larger debris may get caught and may need to be removed to ensure the performance of the cleaner is not inhibited.

The part itself is blue and rests inside the internal workings of the cleaner. It can be easily be accessed by first removing the external housing simply by twisting the cap on the swivel attachment which will then release it. There is a lid and lock which sits above the oscillator which releases and then exposes the part for debris removal if it's blocked. It can wear and deteriorate over a period of time and use of the cleaner yet is more durable than the traditional diaphragms used on other pool cleaners.
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Cleaner SparesKK Tiger Shark
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Pool Cleaners TypeAutomatic
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