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Maintenance Value Kit

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Maintenance Value Kit
Using the right equipment for the job make pool cleaning easy.

Get your Maintenance Value Kit now which includes the following:
1X Aqua Pro Aluminium Extendable Pole 1.9M - 3.6M – the Aqua Pro Extendable Pole extends to easily access those hard-to-reach areas of the pool, ensuring the entire pool is clean.
1X Aqua Pro Leaf Rake Heavy Duty Blue – Use the Aqua Pro Leaf Rake to skim leaves from the surface of the pool as well as the pool floor.
1X Aqua Pro Pool Brush Curved 460mm - Brushing the dust away prevents it from staining the pool floor. Use the Aqua Pro Curved Brush to brush away dust and bacteria from the walls of the pool in order to eliminate and prevent algae growth.
1X Aqua Pro 8 Wheel Sweeper Vacuum - Manual vacuums are handy pieces of equipment for pool maintenance. Simply attach an Aqua Pro 8 Wheel Sweeper to an extendable pole and the pool cleaner hoses, turn the system to waste and vacuum away!
1X 45Deg Weir Rubber Adaptor - Connect your pool cleaner hoses to the Aqua Pro 8 Wheel Sweeper Vacuum at the correct angle.
1X Stainless Steel Bolt and Wingnut - Fasten the attachment to the Aqua Pro Aluminium Extendable Pole.
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Manual CleanersCleaning Nets
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