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Maintain your pool cleaner hose like a pro

Maintain your pool cleaner hose like a pro

Many of us have experienced the need to replace our pool hoses once a year or even more often, but have you ever wondered if this is normal or if there’s a way you can preserve these parts?

Many pool cleaners require a number of these hoses to enable them to reach every part of the pool, and replacing them regularly is not the most effective practice. Don’t fret anymore; there are ways that you can preserve your pool cleaner’s hoses to save yourself hundreds or even thousands of rands in the long run. You may not be aware of it, but it’s the little things you do – or don’t do – that have the biggest impact on the life of your hoses.

  1. Do not run your pool cleaner while you’re adding chemicals. This is one of the most common mistakes made by pool owners. The chemicals you add to shock or clean your pool (chlorine and acid) are very harmful to foreign objects such as plastic or skin. Warning labels on these chemicals usually specify how long you should stay out of the water while the pool becomes balanced – so keep your pool cleaner out of the water too.
  2. Do not leave your pool hose in the sun after removing it from the pool. Just as your pool pump and motor require a box to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun, so does your pool cleaner and its hose attachments. Always store your pool cleaner and hoses in a cool, dry place such as a shed or garage once it has been removed from the pool.
  3. Placing stress on the hose is not ideal to preserve it for a long time. Discourage the kids from pulling on it or playing with it while swimming in the pool. Pool parties may get rowdy, so it’s probably best to remove the pool cleaner from the pool when you have guests over for a swim.
  4. Most hoses have an additional warning against coiling because they tend to assume the shape. This places stress on certain parts of the hose by stretching them on the outside and compressing the pleats on the inside of the coil. Try to keep each section straight when storing them so as not to compromise the shape and elasticity of the hoses.

Replacing pool cleaner hoses can be a headache, but they can last up to four seasons if they’re kept in good condition and are stored correctly. Use these handy tips to keep your pool cleaner and hoses in top condition throughout the years. Should you have any other pool cleaner queries, simply contact an expert at The Pool Team for professional advice.

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