Aqua Pro Stabalised Chlorine Pills 1.6kg

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Prevent choline burn-off and reduce the number of chemicals you need to add to your pool with the Aqua Pro Stabilised Chlorine Pills. The pre-measured, slow dissolving pills protect the chlorine in your water by creating a barrier on the pool’s surface, shielding chlorine from the sun’s harmful rays.    If you are using Aqua Pro Stabilised Chlorine Pills for the first time, The Pool Team advise adding Aqua Pro Ultraviolet Cover to the pool water. Eight tablets will maintain a pool of up to 100 000l for four to six weeks. Aqua Pro Stabilised Chlorine Pills should not be handled near food, drink or while smoking and individuals should avoid inhaling the fumes. After use, wash hands with soap and water. If the product makes contact with eyes, rinse well for 15 minutes and seek medical attention.  The Aqua Pro Professional Range is The Pool Team’s own, trusted brand, formulated by South African experts, to match your pool’s requirements.