Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand

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Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand is a type of Zeolite mineral, mined in South Africa. The mineral searches for and collects unwanted ammonia from the pool water, reducing the pools chlorine consumption.  Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand acts as a replacement for pool filter sand or glass. The micro-filtration properties allow the Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand to trap fine dirt particles and algae on the surface, as opposed to regular filter sand and glass, which traps the particles between the grains.  In practice, a Clinobrite Pool Filter should be able to remove between 40% and 50% more physical dirt than the alternatives and gives longer service between backwash operations.  The amount of Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand required will be determined by the size of the pool filter. The average pool filter will require 2 x 25 litre bags of Clinobrite Pool Filter Sand and can safely used in salt water swimming pool filters.