Dolphin Robotic Cleaner E30

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The Dolphin Robotic Cleaner E30 is simple to use and ideal for pools up to 10m in length. The robot comes with two filtration options – one for cleaning rough debris and another for cleaning fine dirt. The dual active brushing system has a cycle time of two hours and an ultrafine filtration system ensures that your entire pool is cleaned effectively. The cleaner can also be linked to a smartphone app so that you can control your pool cleaner from wherever you are. The Dolphin pool cleaning range promises 100% pool coverage, with the self-driven robot working independently from the swimming pools pump and filter. The robot collects debris in a bag or cartridge within the pool cleaner, promising maximum precision and hygiene with minimum intervention.  The duel level porosity filter, triple-active brushing system and superior suction make sure no dirt is left behind. Dolphins also save power, by operating and filtering inside the pool.