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Control bacteria and algae with the 25kg bulk pack of HTH Granular and Mineral soft Chlorine. HTH Chlorine can be used for daily or shock treatment.  For best results, swimming pool water pH should be maintained at between 7.2 – 7.6 Add 1 cup (250g) to a 50,000 litre pool – spreading the chlorine around the sides of the pool, during the early evenings, while the pump is set on filter. Dosage is required daily or every two days to maintain a 1-3ppm (parts per million) balance.  Vinyl or coloured pool linings might require chlorine to be added into the weir to prevent bleaching.  For shock treatment, set the pump to filter and add 3 cups to a 50,000 litre pool. It is important to test and correct the water’s pH levels after 12 hours.