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Quality & Eartheco Pump Shaft Seal

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A quality and Eartheco pump shaft seal is a type of mechanical seal that is used in a pump to prevent the leakage of fluid between the pump shaft and the pump housing. The seal is typically placed between the shaft and the housing, in a location that is called the "seal chamber." The seal is designed to create a barrier between the fluid inside the pump and the outside environment, while also allowing the shaft to rotate freely without generating excess friction.

Quality and Eartheco are brands that manufacture and provide this kind of shaft seals for pool and spa pumps, water feature pumps, and other type of pumps. They are designed to fit different pumps models and sizes. The shaft seal is a critical component in the pump, as it prevents fluid leakage, helps maintain the pressure in the system, and keeps out dirt and other contaminants.

Pump shaft seals are available in different types, including mechanical seal, lip seal, and cartridge seal. These seals must be replaced periodically as they wear out and lose their effectiveness, this process must be done by a professional, to prevent damage to the pump or the system.
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Dimension Height cm2.900
Dimension Length cm3.000
Dimension Width cm3.000
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