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Solar Blanket Toggle

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A solar blanket toggle is a device used to secure a solar blanket, also known as a solar cover, onto a swimming pool. A solar blanket is a type of cover that is placed on top of the pool water to help retain heat and reduce evaporation.

A solar blanket toggle is a small, plastic device that is used to keep the edges of the solar blanket in place by attaching to the blanket and then to the pool deck. It is also used to keep the blanket securely on the pool water. The toggle typically consists of two parts: a female piece that attaches to the blanket and a male piece that attaches to the pool deck. They are often sold in sets with multiple toggles to secure the blanket in different areas.

The toggle system is a simple but effective way to keep the solar blanket in place, and it can easily be attached and detached when needed, making it easy to remove the blanket for cleaning or to swim.
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Dimension Height cm2.500
Dimension Length cm3.000
Dimension Width cm3.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
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