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Speck Weir Vac Lid

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A Speck weir vac lid is a replacement part that is used on a swimming pool weir / skimmer. The weir / skimmer is an important component of a pool's filtration system, which is used to remove debris, such as leaves and bugs, from the surface of the water. The weir vac lid sits on top of the skimmer's weir, which is a barrier that controls the flow of water into the skimmer.

The Speck weir vac lid is a replacement part that is specific to a type of skimmer made by the company Speck Pumps. The lid is designed to fit the weir of the Speck skimmer and to be easy to install, usually with the use of clips or tabs. The lid is designed to fit tightly over the weir, creating a seal to prevent debris from escaping the skimmer basket.

The lid also allows to control the level of water inside the skimmer, this is important for the correct operation and maintenance of the pool's filtration system. A damaged or worn weir vac lid can be replaced with a new one to ensure optimal performance of the skimmer and keeping the pool clean and safe.
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Dimension Height cm5.500
Dimension Length cm20.000
Dimension Width cm20.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
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