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Ultra Zap 8W UV Replacement Tube

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Ultra Zap 8W UV Replacement Tube.

UV Pond Clarifier 8 Watt 6,000 litre pond, 40 litre per minute flow rate.

Sterilise your pond water with no side effects to your fish, plants or wildlife.
With clear and sterilised water, your pond will become an attractive feature in your garden, which allows you to many hours of enjoyment and relaxation.
Who would want a green pond as it is unappealing to look at and difficult to determine whether your fish have a disease or even if they have harmed themselves. Algae also present a threat to your fish as it reduces the habitat of essential oxygen they require.

How does it works?
An Ultra Zap UV Sterilizer will maintain a clear pond throughout the year without the use of chemicals. The unit works by exposing the phototrophic micro-organisms (free floating single celled algae) to a dose of UV radiation. This destroys and prevents the regrowth of the phototropic micro-organisms.

Safe to use.
Ultra Zap UV units have no side effects on the inhabitants of your pond or environment. If algaecides are used, you have the risk of over-treatment and/or residual chemical build up in your pond. The inhabitants, fish and plants, of your pond are to some degree sensitive to algaecides. With the use of an Ultra Zap unit you stand no risk of this.
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Dimension Height cm2.000
Dimension Length cm31.000
Dimension Width cm2.000
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