As experts in the swimming pool industry, The Pool Team would like to make the maintenance of your swimming pool as easy as possible! We are starting a series of DIY videos to help make your life a little simpler and take some of the guess work out of your difficult task.

If you have any problems with your swimming pool that you are not able to solve with these simple DIY videos, please visit your nearest The Pool Team store where our friendly staff will be happy to assist.

Please do not forget to bring a sample of your swimming pool water into one of our stores, maybe take a quick picture or video of the problem and one of our experts will gladly help.

Backwashing and rinsing removes the debris and dirt from your sand filter

A backwash and rinse should be done once a week. It is all always beneficial to backwash and rinse your swimming pool before or when doing any troubleshooting.

There are many different reasons why your swimming pool filter sand may need to be changed. It is essential to change your sand every 18-24 months.

It may be necessary to prime your swimming pool pump if you clean your pump basket, if there is an airlock in the piping or if there is no water in the pump.

The correct maintenance of your salt-water swimming pool is imperative. Proper maintenance can extend the longevity of your equipment and the surface of your swimming pool.

Chemicals are essential for your swimming pool. Adding chemicals correctly will allow for maximum efficiency of the chemical. Chemicals can have a harsh impact on your equipment and pool surface if not added correctly.

Testing your swimming pool water is important when your pool water is blue and green. Testing your swimming pool water when it is blue enables you to make sure your water balance is correct and minimise the chances of your water turning green quickly. Testing your water when your swimming pool is green will indicate what chemicals need to be added to your water to return it to sparkling blue.

Setting an Aqua Pro Heat Pump is as easy as 1 2 3. Follow the steps in this video to learn how to set your Aqua Pro Heat Pump to the desired temperature.