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Zodiac MX8 Gearbox Side A

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The Zodiac MX8 Gearbox Side A is an integral part of the MX8 pool cleaner and is responsible for directional control. The MX8 has two gears that work independently and sides A and B are vital to ensure correct directional change-over from forward moving to reverse. The gearboxes enable it to steer in every direction and cover the pool floors and walls exceptionally.

How to Install an MX8 Gearbox
1. Remove the tracks from the cleaner
2. Cearfully remove the screw on the outside of the cleaner inbetween the two wheels
3. Remove gearbox holder from the inside clip on the cleaner
4. Unscrew the gearbox from the holder
5. Fit the new gearbox in the holder and screw back the holder into the cleaner
6.  Re-attach the tracks back on

Watch this video to ensure you get it right. 

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Keep Swimming! 

More Information
Dimension Height cm10.000
Dimension Length cm10.000
Dimension Width cm7.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Pool Cleaners TypeAutomatic
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