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Aqua Pro Algaecide 2 Litre

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Get your pool from GREEN to BLUE with this powerful algaecide! 
How do I get rid of algae in my pool?

You need the Aqua Pro Algaecide. It comes in a 2litre bottle perfect to open and pour into your pool. This pool algaecide is fast and effective! Get rid of algae growth in your pool now with the Aqua Pro Algaecide! The Aqua Pro Algaecide is fast acting, eliminates black and green algae infestation and assists with reducing your monthly chlorine consumption while clarifying your pool water. This product treats a 50 000 litre pool.

How to add Algaecide to a pool? (based on a 50 000 litre pool):

  1. Always remember to get the basics right first: Test the water; clean out the weir and pump baskets; backwash and rinse. This is to ensure that you obtain the best results from the products added
  2. Remove the pool cleaner
  3. With the pump on Bypass/re-circulate, pour the Aqua Pro Algaecide through the weir
  4. Circulate for 2 hours
  5. Return the pool cleaner and turn the system back onto filter for 12 hours
  6. Backwash and rinse as normal. Repeat the process of filtering, backwashing and rinsing until the pool water is clear

Want to shock your pool into shape?

Add the Aqua Pro Oxidiser with the Algaecide to get the best result! Does your pool look a bit cloudy? Use the Aqua Pro Clarifier to bring the best sparkle to your pool.

Product L- Code: L8804

More Information
Dimension Height cm26.000
Dimension Length cm16.500
Dimension Width cm8.500
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Solution TypeGreen Pool
Chemical TypesSanitisers, Enhancers
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