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Aqua Pro Peroxide 5Litre

Aqua Pro Peroxide 5Litre

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Aqua Pro Peroxide 5L can be used as an effective shock treatment and algaecide.

Directions for use
• Remove all Chlorine pills and floaters from the pool and stop granular chlorine treatment.
• Adjust the pH of the pool to between 7.2 - 7.6.
• Ensure the free chlorine level is 0 as peroxide reacts to chlorine.
• The following day, pour the entire contents of Aqua Pro Peroxide into your pool (max 50 000lt).
Do not swim for 4 hours. Avoid splashing or skin contact.
Do not pour directly into pump section as this can cause a vigorous effervescent reaction if the pool filter is very dirty with organic matter.
No further chemicals are needed until the Aqua Pro Peroxide is used up in approx. 10-14 days.
• After 10-14 days, resume normal chlorine treatment for the rest of the month or carry on using Aqua Pro Peroxide for another 10-14 days.
• For heavy algae infestations use aqua pro algaecide to rid your pool of algae, then ±48 hours later carry on using Aqua Pro Peroxide to sanitize your pool.
More Information
Dimension Height cm28.000
Dimension Length cm18.000
Dimension Width cm13.000
In Store Collection OnlyYes
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