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Weir Vac Lid Fits Quality and Eartheco

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Designed to sit above the Aqua Weir basket, this sturdy, plastic Aqua Weir Vac Lid weighs 100g and has a dimension of 200mm x 30mm x 200mm. The Weir Vac Lid Fits Quality and Eartheco

What is a weir basket?

The weir basket is placed in the weir under the vacuum lid. The weir basket stops debris in its tracks and keeps it from reaching your pump. The vac lid - The vacuum lid, commonly known as the vac lid, sits at the base of the weir opening, just above the basket. There are various size vac lids available. If the incorrect size vacuum lid is used, this could cause damage to the pool system as well as inhibit the pool cleaner from running efficiently.

How to connect the weir vac lid

Connecting the weir vac lid to the weir basket is as simple as threading the vac lid into the slot provided just above the basket, and locking it into position. Ensure all slots are locked into place to create a sufficient vacuum and not hamper the efficacy of the pool cleaner.

Learn more here about how to maintain the weir.

Shop weir baskets and vac lids here.
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Dimension Height cm4.000
Dimension Length cm20.000
Dimension Width cm20.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
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