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Why weight your pool hose?

Why weight your pool hose?

If your pool cleaner isn’t reaching the deep end of your pool, you probably need to attach a weight to your pool cleaner’s hose.

Along with building a pool comes many processes and functions that you may not know about or understand. Weighting a pool cleaner hose is one of these lesser-known parts of pool cleaning that you may not have been aware of before, but it definitely assists to get your pool cleaner running as best it can in certain pool environments.

Why should you add weight to your pool cleaner hose?

Simply put, you need to add weight to your pool cleaner in order to keep it on the pool floor and assist it in reaching certain pool areas. The pool cleaner hose is has a density that is lower than the water and that’s why it floats – this also means that it’s more difficult for the head of the cleaner to reach certain depths without floating too. Hose weights help to keep the head of the cleaner flush with the floor of your swimming pool and able to suck up all the dirt that makes its way there.

How to weight your pool cleaner

Different cleaners will need different weights. Come instore to get the best advice on your specific pool cleaner and what weights will be needed.

Other reasons your pool cleaner might need weight

If it seems to stay in one position, you may need to remove one weight or adjust the position of the weights to allow it to move freely again. If moving or removing the weights do not help, there may be a problem with airflow, an air pocket or a blockage in the hose.

Your swimming pool is one of your home’s biggest highlights, make sure to keep it clean for every occasion by weighting your pool cleaner correctly. If you have any more questions about your pool cleaner and using hose weights, contact an expert at The Pool Team for more information.

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