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Aqua Pro 26kW Inverter Plus Heat Pump Wi-Fi Enabled (Up to 110 000 Litres) 3 phase

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The Aqua Pro Heat Pump Inverter Plus range is South Africa’s premium and leading pool heating solution. With a full range of heat pumps, the Inverter Plus range provides you, your family or business with the ultimate swimming experience. With full inverter technology, the Aqua Pro Inverter Plus enables the heat pump to change its power mode according to different working conditions. With the technology, the Aqua Pro Inverter Plus heat pump can reach a COP (Coefficient of Performance) with a quiet running noise level.

 Specifically designed for Southern Africa’s harsh weather conditions. Aqua Pro Inverter Plus Heat Pumps are factory pre-set for optimal running efficiency, ensuring plug in and play, easy installation, premium components such as titanium heat exchanger, high performance compressor, weather-proof housing; as well as standard built in Wi-Fi functionality. The full range has energy efficient technology optimising the level of energy consumption and is suitable for both salt chlorinated and chlorine pools.

 Should I leave the pool heat pump on overnight?

 Once your heat pump has been installed, it should be left to run for a full cycle- approximately 6 to 8 hours during the day- before it would have any effect on the pool water temperature. The heat pump is only capable of heating the water approximately 5 to 7 degrees warmer than the ambient outside air temperature. It is for this reason that The Pool Team recommends running the heat pump during the day as the temperature at night is likely too cold to adequately heat up the pool.

 How many hours a day do you run a pool heat pump?

It is important to bear in mind that once the heat pump is turned off, the water will naturally start to cool down. It is therefore recommended to run the heat pump for 12 hours during the day before swimming in the pool in order to gain the most benefit out of the heat pump.

More Information
Dimension Height cm99.000
Dimension Length cm119.500
Dimension Width cm47.000
In Store Collection OnlyNo
Solution TypeEnergy efficient
kW Per Heat Pump26kW Up To 110 000lt
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