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Aqua Pro Metal And Stain Remover 2 Litre

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Aqua Pro Metal and Stain Remover stops the build-up of chlorine and bromine, which corrodes your pool’s hardware, saving your pool heat pump, pump and salt chlorinator from further deterioration. 

This fast-acting and highly concentrated metal and stain remover is compatible with chlorine and easy to administer. A recommended 2 litre dose per 50,000 litres of water.  For best results simply add contents of the bottle into the weir and allow water to circulate. Ideal for borehole water filled pools. 
Aqua Pro Metal and Stain Remover lasts between 1 – 2 months. Refrain from swimming for 12 hours after product has been added to the pool. Not to be mixed with other chemicals but can be used in a pool that already has or has been previously treated with chlorine.

Why use a metal out or a metal and stain remover in your pool?
There are always metals present in water. The metals in the pool water are constantly being built up over time in a variety of ways, such as adding certain pool chemicals, heavy rain, and the use of borehole water. When there is a high metal concentrate in the water and chlorine is then added, this can result in a green pool due to the chemical reaction between chlorine, copper and iron. To resolve this problem, follow this simple process:

How do I use a metal out or a metal and stain remover?
  • Backwash and rinse. This is to ensure that you obtain the best results from the products added.
  • Turn the system to bypass/circulate, add the Aqua Pro Metal and Stain Remover into the weir.
  • After the product has been evenly distributed in the pool, turn your system onto filter and run for 12 hours.
  • Backwash and rinse after 1 week to remove all the metals that are now caught in the filter media.
  • After backwashing, if the pool is cloudy, add the Aqua Pro Clarifier for a crystal clear pool. Learn more here.
How should I store the Aqua Pro Metal and Stain Remover? 
For storage, keep the lid tightly closed and away from dry chemicals. Avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach from children and pets. If contact is made with eyes, flush eyes with clean water for 15 minutes. If swallowed seek medical attention immediately. 
The Aqua Pro Professional Range is The Pool Team’s own, trusted brand, formulated by South African experts, to match your pool’s requirements.
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