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Cemcrete Pool Plaster White 40KG

Cemcrete Pool Plaster White 40KG

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Cemcrete pool plaster is a type of plaster that is specifically designed for use in swimming pools. It is a cement-based plaster that is typically white in color, which provides a clean and bright finish for the pool.

The 40KG refers to the weight of the plaster which is 40 kilograms. This package size is enough for a small to medium-sized pool.

Cemcrete pool plaster is applied to the walls and floor of a pool, providing a smooth and durable surface that is resistant to water and chemicals. It also provides protection against algae and bacteria growth and erosion. The plaster is mixed with water and applied using a trowel. It is important that the surface is properly prepared, cleaned and primed before applying the plaster. Once applied, it is then smoothened and finished, then it needs to be cured properly before the pool can be filled and used. Cemcrete pool plaster is also available in different colors, it also can be customized by adding pigments to the mixture.
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Dimension Height cm11.500
Dimension Length cm63.000
Dimension Width cm33.500
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