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Kreepy Krauly Tiger Shark Blue Hose

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A Kreepy Krauly Tiger Shark Blue hose is a type of hose that is used with the Kreepy Krauly Tiger Shark pool cleaner. The Tiger Shark is a brand of automatic pool cleaner made by the company Kreepy Krauly, and it uses a suction-side design to clean the bottom, walls, and waterline of a pool.

This blue hose is used to connect the Tiger Shark pool cleaner to the pool pump and filter system, carrying water to and from the cleaner. The blue color of the hose is a specific design of the Tiger Shark model and it is used to distinguish it from other models.

The hose is an important component of the pool cleaner as it carries the water and debris to the filter, and it plays an important role in the performance and efficiency of the cleaner. A damaged or worn hose can affect the suction of the cleaner, cause leaks and reduce the performance.

It's important to use the correct size and type of hose for the cleaner and the pool, and to make sure the hose is in good condition and not damaged to avoid leaks or breakages that can affect the performance of the cleaner and the pool filtration.
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Dimension Height cm98.500
Dimension Length cm4.500
Dimension Width cm4.500
In Store Collection OnlyNo
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