Glass Shaded Blue Block Tiles Per Sheet

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Elevate your pool’s design with glamorous glass shaded mosaics tiles. These mosaics are sold per sheet and alternate between 2 shades of blue. Each sheet is 302mm x 302mm and is easily plastered onto the pool floors or walls. Not only do glass tiles shimmer in the sunlight and give pools an elegant finish, but they are also durable and resist chemical corrosions. Glass tiles are also not faded by the sun as quickly as their ceramic counterpart.  Tiles help give your swimming pool a finished look and assist with the overall aesthetics of your outdoor area, however, tiles are also installed in pools to assist with safety and maintenance.  Glass tile provide a non-slip surface, which helps you and your loved ones when getting in and out of the pool. Tiles also have a functional side to them, providing an additional sealant in the pool, preventing hairline cracks from turning into a larger problem, quicker than it should.   Glass tiles require a good working knowledge of concrete and cement mixtures. The Pool Team recommend getting a professional to assist.